Pippa Malmgren and Geopolitical Risks


Philippa Pippa Malmgren PrincipalisPhilippa (Pippa) Malmgren is president and founder of the Canonbury Group and Principalis Asset Management, as well as a senior advisor to Deustche Bank in Asia and the Middle East, Prudential Real Estate Investments worldwide, and Amwal in Qatar. At her website, visitors can learn more about Dr. Malmgren’s work helping market makers understand how policy will move the markets.

In her November research note, Dr. Malmgren warned that her largest concern for the financial system was the risk that “policymakers will confuse the temporary fall in commodity prices with a permanent reduction of inflation pressures.” In this interview with News Insurances, Dr. Malmgren named policy and geopolitics as two of the three major unquantifiable risks facing the world economy:

Financial professionals interested in learning more about geopolitical factors that should be considered by investors can hear more from Dr. Malmgren at the Third Annual Middle East Investment Conference in Doha, Qatar, on 25–26 March 2012. You can register to attend the event and follow this blog for more speaker updates as the conference draws closer.

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