Tuesday, 17 April 2018


Welcome Remarks

Ahmed Abou El-Saad, CFA, MBA
President, CFA Society Egypt
Chairman, Rasmala Egypt Asset Management



CFA Institute Welcome

Gary Baker, CFA
Managing Director, EMEA
CFA Institute


Panel Discussion: A Tour of Investment Opportunities in Egypt and the Middle East

  • How is the current geopolitical environment impacting investments in the Middle East?
  • What is the role of regulation in driving economic growth in the region?
  • Where are investors finding yield?
  • Have the IMF reforms in Egypt delivered expected results?

Moderator: Gary Baker, CFA, Managing Director, EMEA, CFA Institute



Networking Break


Panel Discussion: How Can Capital Markets Drive Economies?

  • What needs to happen to deepen Egypt’s capital markets?
  • How is the introduction of new debt instruments impacting regional capital markets?
  • What needs to be done to promote more bond issuance?
  • How to address the challenges facing the equity capital markets and IPOs in Egypt?
  • How can the capital market benefit the vast majority of citizens and improve the GDP per capita?

Ahmed Abou El-Saad, CFA, MBA, President, CFA Society
Egypt, Chairman, Rasmala Egypt Asset Management


Panel Discussion: Developing Real Estate for Future Generations

  • Is real estate the strongest sector in the economy or a huge bubble?
  • What are the main drivers that could contribute to the growth in the regional real estate market over the coming decade?
  • Can the mega projects and new cities, including the new administrative capital, lead the future growth?
  • What can be done to ensure high standards of living for young people?
  • In a high interest rate environment, how will mortgage finance change the real estate market and affect new entrants?


Discussion: Lending in Non-Banking Financial Services – A Call for Change

  • What’s the state of non-banking private debt in Egypt and the rest of the region?
  • Are the trends driving non-bank lending here to stay?
  • How to ease access to financing for businesses, grow the industry and make impact?
  • Do we need new regulations, products and outreach models?
  • How could fintech reshape the industry? Is competition or collaboration better for the industry?
  • Can making a social impact be part of a profitable strategy for the sector?

Moderator: Ashraf El Khatib, MBA, CFA
CFA Board Member, CFA Society Egypt
Senior Vice President, Private Equity, NI Capital


Panel Discussion: The Oil-Rich Region’s Push for Renewable Energy

  • What are governments in the region doing to shift to more sustainable energy sources?
  • The biggest challenges in achieving sustainability and ideas on how to overcome them. How are investors approaching the energy sector?
  • Can renewables meet the growing energy demand?
  • A closer analysis of various renewable energy sources and their applications for the Egyptian market. Where are opportunities for investors in Egypt’s energy sector?
  • How to meet the need for an integrated national electricity grid in Egypt?
  • Risks and benefits of nuclear power plants.