Panel Discussion: How Can Capital Markets Drive Economies?

  • What needs to happen to deepen Egypt’s capital markets?
  • How is the introduction of new debt instruments impacting regional capital markets?
  • What needs to be done to promote more bond issuance?
  • How should the challenges facing the equity capital markets and IPOs in Egypt be addressed?
  • How can the capital market benefit the vast majority of citizens and improve the GDP per capita?

Moderator: Ahmed Abou El Saad, CFA, President, CFA Society Egypt and Chairman, Rasmala Egypt Asset Management

Ashraf Ghazaly, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, NI Capital

Fadi Al Said, CFA,Director, Portfolio Manager/Analyst, Lazard Gulf Ltd. (Dubai)

Mohamed Farid Saleh, Chairman, Egyptian Exchange (EGX) and The Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS)

George Spentzos, CFA, Director, LNG Capital