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Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Pre-Conference Technical Workshop: Quantifying Risk and Performance

Head of Risk
UBS Delta

This workshop is being held in conjunction with the Middle East Investment Conference for an additional fee.  Please see here for more information about the workshop.


Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Chair’s Welcoming Remarks

Founder & CEO


Opening Comments

Lamees Al Baharna, CFA
Chief Risk Officer
Oman Arab Bank

Presidents Council Representative, EMEA East
CFA Institute

Mahmoud Nawar, CFA
CFA Society Bahrain


Keynote Address: Igniting MENA’s Engine of Entrepreneurship

Vice Chairman and CEO

  • Most nations in the MENA region today face a set of challenging economic and social conditions, including fast-growing populations, volatile resource markets, and political uncertainty;
  • But these challenges also hold opportunities to build diversified economies that can thrive in today’s global economy;
  • With small-to-medium sized enterprises creating most new jobs worldwide, MENA governments and businesses must foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship to create the jobs and growth demanded by a young and dynamic population.


Geopolitical Risk: Emerging Trends and Hot Spots

Director, Global Macro
Eurasia Group

  • The market-moving impact of politics in the world’s most dynamic developed and developing states
  • Long-term geopolitical trends and region-by-region political risk forecasts
  • Analysis of MENA’s current political dynamics

Watch the live broadcast of this session.


Changing Economic Foundations in the GCC–What Will the Next Ten Years Bring?

Florence Eid-Oakden
CEO and Chief Economist
Arabia Monitor

Fadi Al Said, CFA
Director, Portfolio Manager/ Analyst
Lazard Gulf Ltd.


Global Growth and Investment Strategies in a World of Technological and Demographic Shifts

Global Economist and Author

  • Why economists remain concerned about slow growth and increasing political risk
  • Interesting developments in real estate, equities, bonds
  • How demographic trends are offering investors opportunities



Networking Lunch


Memory Training for Financial Service Professionals

US Memory Champion
International Man of Memory

  • Unlock the extraordinary power of your most valuable business asset: your brain!
  • Learn to impress clients and colleagues by easily remembering important facts and figures
  • Become better at remembering names to build better business and personal relationships


Emerging Markets

Managing Director, Emerging Markets & Africa
Deloitte & Touche

  • Why are emerging markets so volatile and how do we better understand and mitigate risk going forward?
  • Is the term “emerging market” obsolete? How should we be considering the EM label into the future?
  • What is the political-economic outlook for the emerging world?


The Future of MENA Capital Markets

Christof H. Rühl
Global Head of Research
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority

Boutros Klink
Chief Executive Officer, Bahrain & GCC
Standard Chartered Bank

Anthony Mallis
Mallis & C0


Finale Keynote: Debt, Deflation, and Financial Risks

Institute for New Economic Thinking

Forecasts for global economic growth keep being revised down with powerful deflationary forces depressing demand. Adair Turner’s speech will explore the root causes of this malaise, considering in particular:

  • The huge debt left behind by the 2008 financial crisis
  • The central role of China in recent developments
  • And the possibility that even more fundamental forces threaten to trap the world economy in a secular stagnation


Chair’s Closing Comments

Founder & CEO


Evening Reception & Gala Dinner

The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain Hotel & Spa