Additional speakers to be announced as they are confirmed.


Yousef Abdullah Al-Benyan

Yousef Abdullah Al-Benyan is vice chairman and CEO of SABIC, a diversified petrochemicals company. Previously, he held several … Read More


Lamees Al-Baharna, CFA

Lamees Al-Baharna, CFA, is the chief risk officer at Oman Arab Bank. Previously, she was head of risk … Read More


Fadi Al Said, CFA

Fadi Al Said, CFA, is a director and a portfolio manager/analyst on the Middle East and North African … Read More


Martyn Davies

Martyn Davies is the managing director of emerging markets and Africa at Deloitte Frontier Advisory. Previously, he was … Read More


Florence Eid-Oakden

Florence Eid-Oakden is the CEO and chief economist at Arabia Monitor. Previously, she was a professor of economics … Read More


Yousef Gamal El-Din

Yousef Gamal El-Din is the founder of Medialitera, a consultancy that focuses on mentoring executives and thought leaders … Read More


Lindsey Matthews, CFA

Lindsey Matthews, CFA, is head of R&D for UBS Delta. Previously, he ran UBS group risk education and … Read More


Dambisa Moyo

Dambisa Moyo is a global economist and author who analyzes the macroeconomy and international affairs. Previously, she was … Read More


Mahmoud Nawar, CFA

Mahmoud Nawar, CFA, is vice president of debt capital markets at GIB Capital, the investment banking arm of … Read More


Christof H. Rühl

Christof H. Rühl is global head of research at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, where he is responsible … Read More


Chester Santos

Chester Santos is one of the world’s foremost experts on memory training. He is the 2008 USA National … Read More


Willis Sparks

Willis Sparks is the director of global macro at Eurasia Group, where he focuses on top global political … Read More


Lord Adair Turner

Lord Adair Turner is chairman of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, where he previously served as a … Read More