Amr Abou Elazm

Amr Abou Elazm is the chairman of Tamweely Microfinance Company. Previously, he was the vice chairman, CEO, and co-founder of Tanmeyah Micro Enterprise Services and served as the deputy director of the German Development Bank (KfW) in Egypt. Mr. Abou Elazm has also worked for the Social Fund for Development, where his focus was project management for small and microfinance projects implemented through commercial banks. In addition, he has served as the senior economist at the Economic Reform Monitoring Unit and assistant to the adviser of the minister at the Ministry of Economy and International Cooperation and at the Commercial International Bank of Egypt. Mr. Abou Elazm is recognized as one of the main resource executives in Egypt in the field of policy structuring and management of financial services, microfinance, and small and medium-sized enterprise projects. He has participated in the formulation of the National Micro Finance Strategy for Egypt and is a lecturer on entrepreneurship development, financial services delivery, and management. Mr. Abouelazm is a board member and VP of the International council for small business (ICSB), treasurer and board member of the Middle East Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (MCSBE) and member of the financing and resources committee at the Ministry of Antiquities. He is a Board Member and Member of the restructuring committee, HR and product development committee of Nasser Social Bank and has recently been appointed as a board member of the Micro Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority.  Mr. Abou Elazm received a BA in economics and a master’s degree in development, specializing in commercialization and development of micro-enterprises, from the American University in Cairo.