Ashraf Ghazaly

Ashraf Ghazaly is chief executive officer and managing director of NI Capital, where he oversees the firm’s IPO program, aimed at reinvigorating capital markets and channeling foreign direct investments into the country through the rigorous selection and listing of promising state-owned entities. He also manages the firm’s private equity investment fund, Ayady for Investment and Development, partnering with private-sector investors to create job opportunities across key industries, including agriculture, tourism, financial services, industrial, and media. Mr. Ghazaly has played a prominent role in bridging the gap between public and private institutions—leveraging the firm’s unique global network to promote private participation and enhance the performance and profitability of these public assets— with the goal of enabling economic growth. Prior to joining NI Capital, Mr. Ghazaly was the CIO of Palm Hills Developments. He also served as deputy managing director of Fleming CIIC Investment Securities. Mr. Ghazaly holds a bachelor of science and an MBA from California State University and a postgraduate degree in corporate finance from London Business School.

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