Bank Audi Egypt launched its operations in the Egyptian market subsequent to the acquisition of Cairo Far East Bank in March 2006, where it was able to establish its standing amongst the strongest banks in the market and developed its direct presence through establishing a branch network currently comprising more than 48 branches, as opposed to a mere 3 branches at the time of acquisition.

The Bank’s successful business operations are based on comprehensive banking models, which include top-quality services: Corporate Banking, Private Banking, Investment Banking, Retail Banking, and Capital Market services.

Bank Audi Egypt blended its corporate values into all of its operations, through embedding its core values in the latest technologies in pursuit of meeting customers’ needs and maintaining their confidence. The latest operation technology is Bank Audi Egypt’s implementation of a new core banking system that contributes to growing work efficiency and introducing new innovative products/services that will serve the dynamic needs & requirements of Bank Audi’s customers.

One of Bank Audi’s main competitive strengths is its prominent Board of Directors in its present form, which mirrors the bank’s keenness to maintain shareholder’s equity and develop their long-term return on assets and investment.

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