The Egyptian land bank was established on 15 February 1880 via a decree of khedive Tewfik. The league of Arab states issued a decree on 3 march 1946 establishing the ARAB LAND BANK. In 1999, the Egyptian council of Ministers issued a decision to merge the two banks under the name of the Egyptian Arab land Bank.

The Bank is currently on track to adopt a comprehensive development plan, the largest in its history, to restore its natural position within the banking sector, as a full fledge services bank .whose main features are to expand the financing of small, medium and micro enterprises, entrepreneurship development and business incubators, retail, corporate and investment Banking.  The Bank has succeeded in granting new loans of 3 billion, mostly to real estate developers, as well as activating the mortgage finance sector

The strategy also aims to transform the bank from being a real estate bank to a full services competitive Bank. Finally, the bank aims to increase the number of its internal and external branches, which now total 27 branches in Egypt, 14 branches in Jordan and 7 branches in Palestine, in order to reach the largest possible segment of the public through an intensive network of branches.

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