Achieve sustainable economic growth by promoting private investment and providing access to improved public services for all citizens in Egypt.


The Government of Egypt has set clear goals for 2030 to achieve targeted transparency, economic growth and social inclusion and the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation has a mission to achieve them. Its core purpose is to enable sustainable economic growth through fostering private investments and providing access to improved public services to all citizens of Egypt.

To that end, it utilizes its international relations to transfer expertise, know-how and best practices to improve public administration, optimize utilization of natural and human resources, and it develops legislations in line with the investment policies set by the Supreme Council for Investment.
The Ministry advises on the State’s external borrowing by negotiating terms to lessen impact on foreign reserves and diversifying funding to best manage cash resources.

It directs such funds to the most lagging regions, marginalized segments of society and towards infrastructure projects that spur private investments to ultimately create jobs and achieve social inclusion.

It aims to create an attractive environment for local and foreign investors thereby helping to improve living standards by reducing unemployment and increasing disposable income, reducing inflation by increasing local productivity and the local component within Egypt’s industries and supporting Egypt’s competitiveness in the global trade market by fostering the right incentives and creating investment regimes dedicated to export-driven projects.

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